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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 12, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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take the nestea plunge.y longer. nothing refreshes like nestea. >> new details tonight. the man accused of brutal be
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beating and carjacking an 89-year-old woman in el cerrito right now under arrest after being on the run for more than three days. good evening. i'm dan ashley. police wanted this guy off the streets badly. he was arrested late this evening. he was on the run since sunday's attack in a cvs parking lot that left an elderly woman in the hospital with broken ribs and a broken collar bone. this is surveillance video of the stolen car. you can see it backing out and pulling away. a woman recognized hardy from news broadcasts and spotted him in oakland and tipped off police. he was arrested without incident. the stolen toyota camry is still missing. our media partner reports he served time for assault with a deadly weapon. he is also suspected of violent incidents at three oakland libraries last week. but he is in custody tonight. a fatal crash in san jose. the impact was so hard it tore the car in half. it happened just after 9:00 on camden avenue near parma
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park. a man lost control with this devastating result. the driver was ejected and died at the scene. only one vehicle was involved and the victim has not yet been identified. a big blow to on demand ride services like uber andnigh. th tonight. the state is ordering them to stop operating at airports the time being. the airport runs are a crucial part of the business so this is costly. >> it certainly is, dan. as you might imagine the driver is not very happy with this turn of developments. the state says that it comes down to permits. these ride share companies need to have an airport permit to operate those airport runs. at this point the state says none of them do. if you use uber, lift for a trans pour -- transportation,
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it is time for something else. the commission scolded the ride share companies saying he was personally disappointed in their behavior. the behavior that looked a lot like this. a driver picking up passengers and pulling away. this is a side car operating without a permit. >> so you think it is kind of bogus? >> i do. i think it is unnecessary. >> the driver asked her to sit in the front seat to avoid questions, but airport security can spot ride share pick ups. they say, quote, if immediate action is not taken to bring your operation into compliance, the cpuc will begin enforcement actions including the revocation of your permit. this uber driver thinks it comes down to cash. >> public safety is not the reason for the crackdown. they are not cracking down on the streets of san francisco. >> authorized taxis pay a $4 fee for their airport fares.
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cabdrivers are celebrating the enforcement. >> it will increase business for us. >> uber and lift have until next week to respond. at sfo, abc7 news. >> a man faces charges tonight in connection with an attack on a priest. it happened today at saint katherine of sienna catholic church in burlingame. the man who police say was a transient was about to your nate when the -- urinate when police approached hem telling him to leave. >> the priest is in good condition. he is in goodpirits and we spire have somebody in custody. that's the best part about it. >> it is terrible. we didn't hear anything. it is unfortunate. >> the priest was not wearing clerical clothing at the time. he broke his elbow and suffered injuries to his face and knee. new questions about how long it took for an ambulance to arrive on the scene after a statue fell on a little boy at fisherman's wharf.
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2-year-old cason shelton died. the ambulance took three minutes short of the response time goal to arrive. >> all of the ambulances we have running were dispatched to calls. >> we are looking at the case closely to see if we can learn things from it. we always are trying to get patients to definitive care, especially with cat catastrophic injuries like this. >> the closest available ambulance was across town at by the owned by the city were already on calls when this tragedy happened. the city of san jose is cracking down on blight and violence by focusing on property owners. it is part of an effort from the responsible landlord engagement initiative. today the group announced a $250,000 grant to identify quality of life issues city wide which will help them reach out to both renters and landlords. >> we can't depend on code enforcement or the police department to be there every
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time. what we really need is the property owners to play a role and help clean up their property. >> the program was lawfned in 2012 and uses resources from the city, police community to clean up neighborhoods and mediate disputes between tenants and landlords. a blow to the art community meantime in san jose. the 34-year-old rep pro tore theater has shutdown because a lack of financial support. the nonprofit theater company is filing for bankruptcy after it was unable to come up with enough money from the community to keep going. the organization opened in 1980 and averaged about seven live performances each year. this is a tough time generally for many arts organizations. the biggest spectator sport on the planet stages its biggest event starting tomorrow. and around the bay area, world cup excitement is spreading. cornell bernard is live in san francisco at a new bar where the owners are rushing to open in time for the action.
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cornell, the business? >> that's right. a few hours left before the opening ceremonies. the san francisco athletic club thinks they may make the deadline and there is still a lot of beer to be stocked. there is enough room to kick a soccer ball around the floor. kick it to ezra here as he shows off for us. let the games begin. it is a race against time, but the san francisco athletic club, a new sports bar that hasn't opened yet. bar stools are here and so are the booths. owners hope construction is done before the world cup opening ceremonies on thursday morning. >> are you going to make it? >> we are going to make it. >> they are huge soccer fans. they have installed 27 flat screens for patrons to watch every match. >> getting bigger and bigger every world cup for sure and every year. >> this brazilian restaurant plans to open early for every world cup match. the schedules are posted in the window.
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>> so excited, but i wish i was in brazil. >> she will make the unofficial drink of brazil. big screen tv's will be on in the civicr asaturday for a world cup watch party. social media is buzzing. facebook will offer highlights from matches. twitter is on board with super fan tweets. >> everybody around the world is over the moon about it. >> a barber shop is the last place you would see the party. he plans on beer, food and music. >> good luck to you. >> you are a brave man. >> let the world cup madness begin. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> it is going to be fun. abc7 is the only place to watch the world cup live this saturday. you can watcht greece at 8:30 followed bayou
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raw go we and costa rica. and don't miss a moment with watch abc which lets you view the match as on your smartphone, tablet or your computer. >> well, a lot more to bring you. they are focusing on one girl's disease by treating her entire family. next on abc7 news, a special report on this unique approach that doctors at stanford are taking to find a cure. plus, busted for over sized baggage and overhead bins. have you seen people try to wedge the bags in those things. the movement that is shaming passengers who don't follow the rules. >> mommy, who is that a? >> that's your dad. >> and how jim harbaugh and his fa an end helping put an end to an epidemic of dad pants. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. 5* cloudy, cool start to your morning. this is giving uh quick glimpse. we have a warm up on the way just in time for father's day weekend.
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details on that, but first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a snippet of what we are up to. >> show it to him and then throw it to him. >> i thought it was her.
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too close for comfort near california. they intercepted two tu95 jets over the aleutian islands. two of the jets flew within 50 miles of california before turning around. this is the type of nuclear capable bomber involved in
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this incident. navy officials believe the pilots were on a training mission, nothing more. doctors at stanford hospital are treating multiple generations of families at the same time. they are hoping to use what they learn to unraffle the mystery of several debilitating congenital diseases. kristen sze learned how the new clinic works. >> for 9-year-old kayla hitching a ride on a surfboard in santa cruz seems like a miracle. bored with a muscular condition she struggled just to walk and develop normal muscle function. her mom says the fight began moments after her birth. >> they said you can actually pull life support and i was devastated. i said we don't even know what this is. let's fight and see what we are dealing with first. >> good to see you. thanks for coming back. >> kayla's progress is being tracked at a unique clinic at stan ready to hospital. it is set up to study and
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treat congenital diseases that may stretch back generations. in kayla's case, it is three generations including her mom and grandma jane. the clinic director says treating the family together allows researchers to better gauge the effectiveness of new therapies. >> if everyone is receiving a different treatment, then when we start to introduce a new treatment modality it is not going to be clear if it is working. >> like many genetic diseases, symptoms can vary between generations. kayla shows the most pronounced symptoms followed by her grand mother jane whose twin sister died from the disease. they hope it will help the entire family. >> we may be part of a generation that is able to find a a cure. >> one promising therapy is now set for clinical trial later this year. it uses genetic engineering to target the gene pathway responsible for causing the
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disease. >> it is a very small genetically programed bullet that goes right where you want it to and knocks out the problem. successful, they believe the therapy could benefit patients like kayla in the years to come. and earlier diagnosis will help patients like kayla's mom who has not yet developed symptoms. >> if we can identify family members early on, then we can begin working with them to hopefully prevent or at least delay the onset. >> for kayla's mom, lisa, the clinic is allowing her family to fight the disease together. and they will look forward to the day kayla is cured and chasing her dream. >> to see her on that surfboard was -- she is a remarkable kid. >> kristen sze, abc news. >> kayla and her grandmother are expected to participate in the clinical trial when it begins later this year.
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a campaign to shame airline passengers with oversized carry on luggage is going viral. you have seen these people, # carry on shame was started by sf gate writer spud hilton. he is encouraging twitter and instagram users to take pictures of people with extra line bags and note the airline they are flying and post-it to the web. >> i would like to talk to you about a serious condition affecting countless men in our country. i am talking of course about dad pants. my handsome, vibrant successful football coach of a cut 10 look like he had hung the curtains from his belt. >> jim harbaugh and his wife poked fun at the 49ers' coach's wearing of dad pants with the # stop dad pants. you may remember earlier this year harbaugh sara harbaugh comd about the $8 pants her husband bought at wal-mart. buster posey donated more than a thousand baseball
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gloves to young players from the junior giants baseball program today. this is video provided by the giants. the junior giants is a free little league for boys and girls ages 5 to up to 18 years of age. not only did poe see personally buy the mitts, he treated the kids to tonight's game. nice gesture. let's talk about the weather forecast. it is a nice night for a baseball game. a little cool, but sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it was a great night for a game. we do have another game coming up tomorrow. i'll talk about the forecast for that. it is looking good. in a moment, live doppler hd right now is talking about the forecast. it is a fairly deep marine layer and it is about 3,000 feet which is why we are seeing the push of low cloudiness into the santa rosa area and out toward concord. we are getting a pretty good push into the east bay. tomorrow morning it is going to start out gray. the wind advisory is up for the delta and right on through tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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the winds are still going and gusting to 39 miles an hour. with wind like this continuing into tomorrow morning it could be a little hard driving conditions on the roadways. golden gate bridge camera and the visibility is good. it will be breezy tomorrow across the bay area and that means you might -- if you suffer from allergies you could have a rough day. tree pollen and grass pollen is moderate. low for weeds, molds and particulates. the weed index is high as we expect more sunshine than previous days. this is what i say is good sleeping weather if you don't have the ac. low clouds are pushing in and the temperatures are fairly uniform in the 50s for san francisco, oakland, san carlos, morgan hill and san jose a mild 60 degrees. you can see the clouds working out toward the bay here, and the temperatures are in the 50s from santa rosa to livermore. sfo camera is still a little on the gray side and we will see low clouds well inland. mostly sunny and mild and warmer for father's day weekend.
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we are not going to see the triple digits. overnight and into tomorrow morning the clouds are well inland. we start out with the gray skies and a cool start. temperatures in the 50s. you will want to bundle up as you leave home. watch what happens to the clouds. really by the late morning, early afternoon the clouds peel away. even parts of the coast enjoyed mostly sunny skies. there will be one patch lingering around the san francisco and san mateo coast. we are looking at 60s to 80s. the temperatures are similar to today. today's high temperatures in many areas dropped some more. tomorrow we will be at our lowest point with the low 80s in places like fairfield. 78 livermore and 68 in oakland. mid70s santa rosa and napa and san francisco 64, 69 in san mateo. and half moon bay will hang on to some of the cloud cover. from you going to the giants game you are taking on the nationals. it is a day game.the weather lo. mild, low 60s.
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uv index is high so don't forget your sunscreen and hat. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a little warm up for the weekend. father's day is bright and sunny, mid60s to upper 80s. we will see those temperatures about the same early next week and then bience with -- and then by wednesday, it is a summer spread. 80s to low 90s. >> coins -- coincidentally i asked for a hat and sunscreen. >> that's within the budget i have allotted for your gift. >> it is nicely -- >> we are going to get you the economy size. >>espedes does cespedes does itd for albert pujols it turns into the chew you ban missal crisis -- the cuban missal
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after one of the most amazing throws you will ever see in a game last night, cespedes did it again for the a's. long-time a's nemesis weaver on the hill facing malone who won five start. cespedes with a ride to left center field. trout to the wall and robs a possible homerun right there. not to be outdone in the second, hamilton, oh he thinks that is gone, coco crisp says no. way out. weaver gave up four runs in five and a third. the adventures of yo in the outfield. pujols down the line and cespedes botches it and recovers and launches a missal. pujols out at third which is unbelievable.
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he is not my enis, he is throw-enis. i stole that from twitter. it is original for me! >> broadcast debut. >> yeah. matt cain and the giants, what happened to matt cain? against the nationals he walked four men in the first and la roche makes him pay. cain lasted five innings and gave up four runs. oh my. jason worth high, deep and aloha. giants suddenly lost three in a row to the nationals. they are playing very good baseball, 6-2. the l.a. kings trying to finish off the rangers. how close do they come? that close. th
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heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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suite in the stanley cup finals. the only thing keeping them 23r* lord stanley's trophy is king%henry. derrick fish certain. >>ing his new home. five years and 25mill, wow. rangers up 1-0. they charge the net and punches it in. a couple minutes later and brown on the breakaway. the shorthanded goal and still 2-1 new york. time running out in the third. rangers huge break. triples through the legs of lunquist and this close to tieing it up. rangers survive to play yet another game win it 2-1. still down in the series. game in l.a. on friday. the host of brazil meeting
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croatia. wow they are happy. here is a look at the plane the brazilian team will use to travel to their games. the art work designed by two brazilian graffiti artists who used 1200 cans of spray paint. i am not sure if this is the likeness of one of the brazilian players. the guy with the big nose there. but he is all over this plane. maybe that's the guy. m am confused, but it is colorful. >> it does stand out.
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i'm dan ashley. for larry beil and sandhya patel, we appreciate your time. abc news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. tune in and stay tuned. right now on jimmy kimmle, johnny knoxville.
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it reminds of evel knievel when i was a kid. coming up in "the mix," a bachelor pad transformed into a video arcade. we'll tell you why this is a bittersweet tip.
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and the trial of o.j. simpson began and we have unforgettable moments. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by finish power and free.
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